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LOGO Ameristate Realty And Mortgage PNG

LOGO Ameristate Realty And Mortgage PNG

Preparing your Home to sell

  • Main entrance should be flawless
  • Clean and paint exterior where needed
  • Landscaping manicured
  • Pressure wash driveway, masonry and fence
  • Clean and replace and broken windows
  • If needed, paint front door, make sure hardware works properly and seals correctly
  • Fence and gate function properly
  • Storage areas should be well organized

Inside entire house

  • Don’t leave anything of value lying around
  • If there is anything that is sensitive to the touch and could fall apart if someone touches it, put it in closet
  • Family photos should not be the center of attention. Limit to one or two per room
  • Remove clutter throughout the house.
  • Closets should be clear of clutter (Expect a buyer to open every door in the house)
  • Neutral and light colors
  • Clutter free and light colors opens up the room and makes it look bigger
  • Walls and floors should be clean (including grout from tile)
  • Furniture is staged to give the open feeling and not blocking passageways/closets
  • Temperature should be at a comfortable setting for the average person. (Usually around 75°)
  • Interior lights should be on
  • Interior doors are open
  • Windows and window sills should be clean
  • Make sure blinds and drapes are clean
  • Furniture is dust free throughout
  • Air fresheners are a big plus. Potpourri from Bed Bath and Beyond will go a long way
  • Open blinds and curtains for natural light to come in (except when what’s outside the window is nothing to be desired)


  • Countertops should be sparkling clean and free of clutter (it is ok to leave a few items, but in good taste)
  • Remove personal items, magnets, sticky notes, etc. from refrigerator
  • No dirty dishes left in sink
  • Appliances should be spotless
  • Backsplash and cabinets should be free of grease spots


  • Most buyers look at the size of the room and not so much what is in it.
  • Should be neat, clean and clutter free
  • Make all beds and make sure nothing is out of place


  • Toilets are spotless
  • Mirrors are spotless
  • Don’t want to give the impression that the bathroom needs work. Clean and replace anything that needs replacing.
  • A couple hundred dollars on fixtures in bathrooms makes a big difference

Time to show

  • Every room should be accessible
  • Give the buyer as much time as he/she/they need to look at the house
  • Leave the house and return after the buyer has left the property
  • If you can help it, don’t leave pets in the house


  • Well organized and clutter free
  • Trash cans should be cleaned inside and outside
  • Touch up paint available for your buyer

Thank you to the buyer

You can leave some freshly baked cookies and some bottled water for the potential buyer with a note:
Welcome to your new home! We are confident you will love it as much as we have (something to that effect)

When You List your home for sale


When you list your home with Ameristate Realty, these are the services that you will see in the first three days. We will communicate each step to you so that you are in full control of your sale.

Day 1

  • Lockbox will be placed on your home, if applicable
  • Your home listing paperwork will be submitted to the Houston MLS
  • A professional house staging consultation will be ordered
  • Professional photographs and a virtual tour will be ordered
  • Post sign with an Ameristate topper will be ordered
  • The Ameristate Realtors are notified of your home via email
  • Your home will be added to the Ameristate listing sheets so our team is aware of your home’s specific features and details
  • We will send you a copy of your Multiple Listing Contract
  • Your home will be uploaded to the Ameristate data management system so all agents have access to specific details of your home at all times
  • Your home will be uploaded to www.ameristaterealty.com and a link will be sent to you
  • Your home will be added to our office tour and you will be contacted the week of tour
  • An advertisement will be designed for print marketing

Day 2

  • Your home will be posted on Craigslist and other syndications marketing sites
  • Strata documents will be ordered (if applicable)
  • Virtual Tour appointment has been booked
  • Staging Consult has been booked

Day 3

  • A feature sheet of your home will be sent to you and to all the Houston MLS Realtors once we have photographs
  • MLS number should be received from the Houston MLS Association
  • Once MLS number is received, photographs and virtual tour are uploaded to realtor.com
  • We will send you a Listing Update email with your MLS Number
  • The MLS number will be uploaded to www.ameristaterealty.com, Ameristate listing sheets, showing feedback, and our data management system
  • Marketing booklets will be produced and delivered to your home

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