Buying a home

The home buying process can be complex and frustrating. We recommend that you seek help from a Real Estate Professional. Our services to you (buyer) are free. The reason behind this is that here in Houston is a buyers’ market because of the over surplus of available inventory homes. There are many available homes for sale and this make it possible for buyers to get into a home with very little or in some cases no closing cost. This is something that is negotiable there are some cases that they are not negotiable. We explain the whole buying process in detail so the buyer knows exactly what’s going on at all times.  

The first step to start the home buying process is to get pre-qualified with a mortgage lender. This is necessary to find out the maximum price that you can qualify for a home. In order to obtain this pre-qualification an application has to be completed. In this application the lender will access the credit score and do an evaluation on the income to debt ratios to determine the qualifying amount.  You are able to require a good faith estimate from the lender where it will show the closing cost, interest rate, APR, down payment and monthly payment. When you are pre-approved and you are comfortable with the expected monthly payment and closing cost estimate then we proceed with showing you new or used homes in established communities.

Once we find you a home that you are happy with the negotiating begins.  It is not as easy as some people might think. Buyers can lose money through the process if they don’t use a real estate agent. It is our job to make sure your money is well spent and you don’t lose any in the process.  We are determined to put buyers in a house where they can build some fond memories and after it’s all said and done, they are satisfied and educated on the whole buying process.  We will take your hand to guide and educate you in the process of buying your home that can be very complex if you don’t seek representation from a real estate professional.