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LOGO Ameristate Realty And Mortgage PNG

LOGO Ameristate Realty And Mortgage PNG

Preparing your Home to sell

  • Main entrance should be flawless
  • Clean and paint exterior where needed
  • Landscaping manicured
  • Pressure wash driveway, masonry and fence
  • Clean and replace and broken windows
  • If needed, paint front door, make sure hardware works properly and seals correctly
  • Fence and gate function properly
  • Storage areas should be well organized

Inside entire house

  • Don’t leave anything of value lying around
  • If there is anything that is sensitive to the touch and could fall apart if someone touches it, put it in closet
  • Family photos should not be the center of attention. Limit to one or two per room
  • Remove clutter throughout the house.
  • Closets should be clear of clutter (Expect a buyer to open every door in the house)
  • Neutral and light colors
  • Clutter free and light colors opens up the room and makes it look bigger
  • Walls and floors should be clean (including grout from tile)
  • Furniture is staged to give the open feeling and not blocking passageways/closets
  • Temperature should be at a comfortable setting for the average person. (Usually around 75°)
  • Interior lights should be on
  • Interior doors are open
  • Windows and window sills should be clean
  • Make sure blinds and drapes are clean
  • Furniture is dust free throughout
  • Air fresheners are a big plus. Potpourri from Bed Bath and Beyond will go a long way
  • Open blinds and curtains for natural light to come in (except when what’s outside the window is nothing to be desired)


  • Countertops should be sparkling clean and free of clutter (it is ok to leave a few items, but in good taste)
  • Remove personal items, magnets, sticky notes, etc. from refrigerator
  • No dirty dishes left in sink
  • Appliances should be spotless
  • Backsplash and cabinets should be free of grease spots


  • Most buyers look at the size of the room and not so much what is in it.
  • Should be neat, clean and clutter free
  • Make all beds and make sure nothing is out of place


  • Toilets are spotless
  • Mirrors are spotless
  • Don’t want to give the impression that the bathroom needs work. Clean and replace anything that needs replacing.
  • A couple hundred dollars on fixtures in bathrooms makes a big difference

Time to show

  • Every room should be accessible
  • Give the buyer as much time as he/she/they need to look at the house
  • Leave the house and return after the buyer has left the property
  • If you can help it, don’t leave pets in the house


  • Well organized and clutter free
  • Trash cans should be cleaned inside and outside
  • Touch up paint available for your buyer

Thank you to the buyer

You can leave some freshly baked cookies and some bottled water for the potential buyer with a note:
Welcome to your new home! We are confident you will love it as much as we have (something to that effect)

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