Selling your home



Selling your home can be a frustrating process. We highly recommend that home owners list their house through a Real Estate Professional. The number one factor to getting your house sold is to “Price it Right.” If you price your home too low you will lose money and if you price it to high you will lose the opportunity of many buyers. The most common approach to sellers is to price their house high and go down if it doesn’t sell. Not a very good tactic and stressful if it carries on for a long time. Bear in mind that as a seller, the house should be ready to show at all times… never turn down a buyer that wants to see your house. The house has to appraise if the buyer is buying with financing from a lender (bank). If it doesn’t appraise at or above the contract sales price, the buyer will either ask the seller to come down on the price or simply back out of the contract. It is highly unlikely that the buyer will come out of pocket with the difference. The Right Price means more traffic, more traffic means a buyer is on the horizon and ultimately, the sale of the house. In addition to the traffic regenerated from the MLS- Multiple Listing Service we will provide effective advertising and marketing for the sale of your home.

Ameristate Realty will perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help us determine the market value (list price) for your house should be. A CMA is what appraisers use to determine what the market value is for a house. Very important and if not done correctly, could reduce profits for the seller. We will know the condition of the market and will advice whether this is a good time to list for sale your home on the market. Our focus is to look out for your best interest.