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Before the Showing



Turn on all lights inside your home.

Allow for maximum light to enter your home by opening all blinds, shutters and curtains. A well lit home enhances the bright welcoming atmosphere of the home and most people like well lit homes that allows for maximum light in the home.


Take a walk to the park to give buyers some privacy or anything else you can think of to stay out of sight. If you are following the buyers from room to room they won’t feel comfortable to make any comments or give feedback to the showing agent.

Scented sprays are too obvious and may be found offensive. For a pleasing fragrance, add a few drops of vanilla extract on a stove burner or boil water and add some cinnamon. Refrigerator cookies are quick and easy to bake, as well as lighting a scented candle prior to a showing.

Empty trash
Maker sure you empty all trash before the showing. Trash never gives a good impression of your home.

Play Music
Adjust the temperature to a comfortable temperature not to cold, Turn off the TV and play some nice shooting music.

If you have pets is better to take your pets with you or keep them outside to allow for the home showing.


Timing is everything in real estate once you receive an offer that you are going to accept it’s important to accept it as soon as possible. The longer that you wait the more time you give the buyer to think or see other options and can withdraw their offer.
An offer is not binding until all parties in the contract sign any final changes on the offer. If minor changes need to be done it is advice that they are done and completed as soon as possible because during this time buyer or seller can change their mind.


When the negotiation is finalized and the offer is accepted then we have a binding purchase contract and will proceed with the closing. The title company involved in the transaction is in charge of placing the earnest money in an escrow account. The title company provides you with a HUD1 settlement statement one or two days before the closing where it would show the buyers and sellers closing cost. Once the title company confirms they have receive documents from the lender then they schedule the time for the closing and signing of closing documents before your home is sold.

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